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The Alumni Survey 2020 revealed

Last summer we commissioned a large scale research project to find out more about what makes  you, our alumni community, tick – and how we can better engage and support you. Nearly 6,000 of you chose to help by sharing your views. Here are some of the things you told us.

You feel proud to have studied at Sheffield and to be a Sheffield graduate

  • 94 per cent of you were satisfied with your student experience at Sheffield.
  • Many of you recommend Sheffield to people around you. In fact, 68 per cent of you scored nine or above on a 10-point scale when asked how likely you would be to recommend the University to prospective students – that’s more than double the average score for the Russell Group.
  • You feel connected to the University, and with the people you met there. Nearly half of you are in regular contact with between one and four Sheffield class mates, peers or academics.

You want to stay connected – especially about news specific to your interests

  • You particularly enjoy the quarterly Sheffield Alumni Bulletin e-newsletter and Your University magazine.
  • But many of you still don’t know about or access the benefits and services available, including events, memberships and courses. Some were keen to hear more about what was on offer (in case you weren’t aware, see the different benefits you’re entitled to as an alumnus here).
  • Round table participants told us how they liked receiving letters and phone calls from current students and updates direct from their department or faculty – above all, you want communications that are specific to you and your interests.

You’re engaged and you enjoy connecting with alumni at events.

  • A third of you have attended alumni events at least once, often reunions and networking events.
  • You want more events closely tailored to your interests, locations and schedules and you’re keen to connect with fellow alumni through these events.
  • You want more detailed information about events before you sign up and to understand the benefits before committing your time.
  • The Covid-19 lockdown has inspired many of you to engage online, and some of you are surprised by how much you’ve enjoyed taking part in online webinars and lectures. If you weren’t able to attend a recent event, you can catch up with all of our webinars and lecture series here.

1/3 of you

have attended at least one alumni event

85% of you

have volunteered at some point in your life

94% of you

were satisfied with your student experience at Sheffield

You’re kind and you want to share your expertise.

  • 85 per cent of you have volunteered at some point in your life and nearly a fifth of alumni have volunteered for the University in the last three years.
  • Many of you are keen to share your skills and experiences with students and early career alumni through advice or mentoring – and you want to meet other alumni in your own disciplines to learn more from their experiences.
  • You wanted more information about the opportunities available and to be sure that mentors are matched with appropriate mentees. Many noted how important you felt such support to be in a challenging study environment and difficult job market. With your help, we have created two new successful programmes for students and early career alumni: The Boardroom and Sheffield Insights.

You’re generous and you want to give back and take part

You’re motivated to donate and fundraise because you want to give back to the University and feel part of the Sheffield community.

You’re keen to donate to scientific research which also raises the profile of the University.

Many of you who received support as students or early in your career want to give back and help students in turn, through donating to scholarships or hardship funds.

When you donate, you want to know where your money is going, be it research in a particular discipline or a special appeal, and to see the impact it makes. You like having a call or email from a Sheffield student to update and inform you on how donations are spent and the impact of specific campaigns. See the impact your donations are making.


A pink cursor arrowWe know time is scarce and you need to be sure the time dedicated to alumni-related activities is well spent. Your responses emphasised how important it is to make sure alumni opportunities are tailored to your specific interests and preferences.

To build on this and your wish to connect more easily with your peers, we are currently developing an online community platform for alumni and students.

Look out for more details on this landing in your in-box later this year. If we don’t have an up-to-date email address for you, there’s a form here to let us know.

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