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Sheffield Scanner

Generous support is helping to bring the future of medical imaging to Sheffield.

Global students

Our global reputation

The University of Sheffield ranks among ‘most international’ universities.

Students in charge

Handing over control of a unique ‘makerspace’ on campus is yielding surprising results.

Sheffield University International Student Committee celebrates it's 50th anniversary

Happy anniversary

Landmark years reached for some of the University’s key institutions.

Attracting major grants

How the University is changing lives by bringing in significant investment.

Reasons to be proud

Facts and figures from a fantastic year of accomplishments at the University.

Kroto Schools’ Laboratory

Alumni donations help build a lasting legacy in honour of Professor Sir Harry Kroto.

Sheffield top in the north

The University has been deemed the best in the north of England for graduate prospects.

Diamond Pilot Plant

This new facility is set to transform research-led teaching for chemical engineering students.

City’s hidden highlights

A new illustrated guide book showcases Sheffield to a new audience.

Inside the big top

A major exhibition created in partnership with Museums Sheffield and the University.

Leading the way

We cement our long-standing commitment to supporting economic growth in the north.

Mindsphere Lounge

A partnership between the University and Siemens aims to accelerate digitalisation.

All-female line-up

Elections for student officers has resulted in an all-female line-up for the first time.


Wild otter on film

A team led by Sheffield researchers capture first footage of a wild otter in the Peak District.