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Alumni profiles

Alumni in profile

Exploring our world-wide network of over 180,000 alumni.

Your Notes and News

A selection of news from alumni who have been in contact or in the media.

The Gift of Education

A very generous legacy provides scholarships to many students from all areas of the University.

Dates for your Diary

Notable dates and upcoming Alumni events for the year ahead.

Alumni benefits

Take advantage of the range of benefits available to you as a Sheffield graduate.

Alumni Board

The Alumni Board was established in 2014 to represent the global alumni community.

Honorary degrees

Honorary Degrees

Who received honorary degrees in 2018.

Honours and awards

Honours and Awards

Staff and students from the University recognised for their expertise.

Honours and awards

Alumni Honours

Royal recognition for our extraordinary alumni.

Robert Boucher Awards

Robert Boucher Awards

Outstanding contributions to business and community life.

Volunteer Awards

The annual Sheffield Alumni Volunteer Awards recognise their contributions.


Those we have lost in the last year.